Originally, we were called the Northwest Motor Corps because we started out as a part of the Northwest Shrine Club in 1952. The Shriner who was credited for the idea of forming a Motor Corps was Ken Idle of River Grove, IL. Our first official parade as a Shrine Unit was the Kankakee Centennial in 1953. Charter members at that time were: William Abel, Earl Bruhn, John Hjelkrem, Paul Bergling, Harold Peterson, Jack Allan, George Dews, Albin Anderson, Albert Hasse and Steve Eiherger.

In 1955 we were made a unit of Medinah Temple at the Imperial Session held in Chicago. Our first Commander was Albin Obby Anderson from 1955-1961. We started out on Cushman Scooters from 1955-1957, rode Harley sportsters from 1958-1960, went to the 1200cc Hogs from 1961 to the Ultra-Classics that we ride at present. In 1958, our first year in competition, we took first place at the Imperial Session in Denver, CO.

Medinah Motor Corps in cooperation with Moolah Temple out of St. Louis and Antioch Temple of Dayton, formed what is now known as the International Association of Shrine Motor Corps. At present we are members of that Association as well as the Great Lakes Association of Shrine Motor Corps. Our International convention and competition is held always around the 4th of July at various locations across the country competing with teams from the many different Temples. The convention/competition for Great Lakes which is held around the second week in September is limited to the units from Temples in the States surrounding the Great Lakes as well as some from Canada.

During 1971 and 1972 the Corps formed an exhibition team called The Chicago Nobles Motorcycle Soccer Team which were a group of crazy guys who actually played a soccer game on 90cc Hondas at parades, picnics and other Shrine functions. That was something to see! If you think soccer is a rough game on the field, you should have seen it played on motorcycles on the street!! In the past, we have been asked to be an official escort for the Cook County Sheriff's Police, Lake County Sheriff's Police and the Illinois State Police.

Our past commanders of the Motor Corps are: Albin R. Anderson (1955-1961), William Abel (1962), J. B. Jacobsen (1963-1966), Earl Bruhn (1967), James Sotern (1968-1975), Don Helmig (1975-1980), Harold Robbins (1981), Jesse Moon (1982), R. Steve Sandeman (1983-1987), James Kristof (1988-1996), Donald R. Marquardt (1997-2001), Jeffrey G. Gantz (2002-2004), Bruce "BJ" James (2005-2008), William "Billy" Kissane (2008-2011), Joseph "Jay" Alfirevic (2012), Donald A. Shaffer (2013).